If this doesn’t make you want to coupon..

.. Then I don’t know what will. HERE is the updated pics of my pantry/basement!!! Yes I do spend money… I’m not a super extreme couponer and I am extremely busy (Like I currently work 6 days a week and have a 2 yr. old 24/7, when I started couponing I worked 2 jobs and was getting 2 degrees from MTSU simultaneously.. oh and I have a relationship and I have dinner with my grandparents at minimum once a week at my house and I cook for them like I still have a life)…. I get 5 copies of the paper each week (I know people who get 20+ copies). Couponing is not impossible no matter how busy you THINK you are. If your going to get started go read my blog about getting started (in august). In the beginning I made many mistakes (buying things just because I had a coupon… buying things I’d use but it wasn’t a good deal (yet) etc.)… We eat at home basically 3 meals a day, I get a grilled cheese from sonic for breakfast occasionally, and we go out to eat every now and then, but for the most part we eat at home. Walker eats breakfast at home 7 days a week.. He eats lunch here or we back his lunch for daycare, I take my lunch to work from home, then we cook dinner, and one day a week we cook for my grandparents. (That’s a lot of eating at home.) Saving money from not eating out AND saving money from couponing means we get to do other things.. (like remodel areas of the house and go the aquarium and what not).

These are my shelves currently.. There’s been 2 mega events since I made Christmas baskets so I’ve got to restock some…

Up first laundry! (the bottom shelf held my christmas baskets and free harbor freight stuff I think now I’ll put photo equipment on it now.)

_DSC4222 _DSC4223 _DSC4225

Up next first shelf is smelly goods, then Soaps (dish soaps, hand soaps, body soaps), then Toilet paper and mouth wash, then Paper towels.

_DSC4226 _DSC4228 _DSC4229

Next shelf: up top diapers, wipes. 1st shelf, Body Washes, then shampoos, then cleaning products, then junk (bug sprays, paints).

_DSC4231 _DSC4232 _DSC4235

Next is the “mini shelf” that was 100 times more complicated to put together and 50 less stable (I hate it lol).

Up top: basket of toothbrushes, basket of floss/dental picks, toothpaste. Next shave creams and razors, face washes and women’s deodorants. next mens deodorant. Next hair products, make up. Next basket of pens, tampons n such.


_DSC4233 _DSC4234_DSC4236

A look from the stairs……





Back wall… This wall use to be cleaning/shampoo stuff only.. Now its somewhat of a catchall. Top shelf is wreath mesh rolls and cake decorating stuff.. the extra pasta noodles, rice and pasta sauces. Next is sauces and dressings. next is cake mix, sugar, coffee, tea, and broths. Next icings, and sweet baking stuff. next cleaning stuff so I don’t have to walk downstairs.



Its really hard to take a picture of the pantry because there’s a door behind me. I love that I designed my shelves and spacing before I hung them.

Up top is extras (cereals, snacks, mesh rolls, paper towels.) Next is snacks and candy. Next is mac and cheese, PB, basket of potatoes, crackers and tomatoes/pineapples. Next is cans raviolis, soups, tunas, Veggies, beans, fruits. Next boxed items, noodles, rices, salad pastas. Next is breakfast.. cereals, oatmeal snack bars, muffins. then juices and drinks.

_DSC4240 _DSC4241 _DSC4242 _DSC4243 _DSC4245

Up last is my fancy door organizer :).. I use it for spices, packets of tuna, protein bars, candy bars, popcorn, fruit squishys, etc.




My newest addition is my new freezer! I got it used for $75 and it works like a charm!!! I will post soon about all these great precook recipes and storage ideas I’ve found!!  For now I use a dry erase marker to keep up with what’s in my freezer (you just wipe off a tally mark when you take something out). My first precooked freezer meal was oatmeal (I cooked oatmeal for breakfast for me and Walker on thursday) I just tripled the recipe and then let it cool and froze it in the cupcakes for a few hours then popped them out and put them in a bag. Now I just have to heat it up for like 30 seconds (versus the like 25 mins it takes to make oatmeal normally.)

IMG_4591 IMG_4588


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