New Mega Event March 25- April 7

This is my first trip. I honestly went without my list (which I do not recommend), but I was kid free so I had time to browse and calculate things as I went.

I got 15 REV burritos, 5 Krusteaz boxed things, box of crackers, 5 boxes of Special K bars,  15 gold fish, 4 barilla pasta, 2 Pam sprays, 4 rice a roni, 5 Palmolive soaps, 10 beef broth, 10 chicken broth, 11 barilla pasta, 10 prego pasta sauce, 4 BBQ sauce, 8 cans of fruit, 4 sugars, 5 fruit bloopers, 2 PF chang dinners, 1 pizza rolls, 1 sour cream, 6  pillsbury cinnamon rolls. I saved $154. 76 (57%). I spent $124.16 (after tax) on 128 items (that’s less than $1 per item.)

_DSC5526  _DSC5528 _DSC5529  _DSC5531

Second little mini trip (I had 30 mins to accomplish this one) haha.

I got 5 Finish, 1 Palmolive, 5 colgate mouthwash (I had a raincheck from last sale). 2 toothpaste, 4 arm and hammer laundry soap, 2 glade candles, 10 betty crocker potatoes, 10 barilla pastas, 10 dole fruit cans, 5 special k bars, 2 barilla pasta, 10 steamables veggies, 2 eggo breakfast sandwich, 5 bob evans breakfast things, 8 REV burritos. I SAVED $110.74 (56%). I spent $96.03 on 82 items.

_DSC5532  _DSC5534  _DSC5536


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