LoveLOVELove my deep freezer!!!

I love making extras when we cook so nights we don’t have time to cook we can still have a home-cooked meal.


Love this thing too!!! It’s my current food saver! And it has a vacuum hose to do can goods!


Oatmeal!!! Taste so much better than instant and it’s just as fast!


chopping a bag of onions (bc I hate doing it, so I decided to do it all at once). Also did this with garlic!


made BBQ sandwiches! and doubled the reciepe to have some to freeze!


Already grilled pork-chops two different types.

I’ve also done two types of beef stews and a chili! (the key is to put it in a ziploc bag and lay flat on a cookie sheet then after its frozen it will stand up in a basket!)


Dry erase markers wipe right off so as we take something out we can mark it off and know exactly what’s in there.



Kroger 2/13

12 REV burritos, 15 P3, 10 Ragu pasta sauce, 8 cans of veggies, 5 pickles, 4 hormel chili, 5 mustard, 12 hormel meals, TP, 8 puddings, 10 p-nuts, 3 pop tarts, 5 toothpastes, 6 cough drops, 5 suave men shampoo, 5 satin shave cream, 8 french fries, 3 cereals, 5 hot pockets, 2 texas toast, hamburger buns.

Spent $140.37 Bought 130 items. Saved 53% which was $143.16.

_DSC4916 _DSC4917 _DSC4918

Kroger mega event buy 6 save $3

Shopping trip number 1…

2- minute rice,  2 velveta  shells and cheese, 3 mac and cheese, 3 boxes of pasta, 10 pasta sides, 10 ramen noodles, 4 pepperonis, 3 tunas, 5 REV burritos, 8 pancake pouches, 5 chicken dinner, 4 ole-ida potatoes, 2 boxes of trash bags 5 pakcs of pull ups, 9 boxes of kleenex, TP, 5 lean cuisine, 2 nacho bites, 1 box of sausage biscuits. NEXT PICTURES are same trip…

_DSC4887 _DSC4888 \

continuing on from the same trip 3- 7 up 10, 2 more mac and cheese, 6 hormel chili, 10 cans of rotel, 5 Alfredo sauce, 5 pasta sauce, 12 cans of Pringles, 10 bags of skittles, 2 bags of poppers, 5 toothbrushes, 4 toothpastes, 3 shave gels, 5 dove hairspray, 5 men dove body wash, 10 dove shampoo/cond, 5 carees body wash and 2 digiorno pizzas.

_DSC4889 _DSC489410426319_10155164568685112_7978220731998871983_n988938_10155164496210112_6075848239144890627_n

SUPER LONG RECEIPT! I bought 176 items, I spent (after tax) $197.62. I saved 58% which was $241.65.

NEXT TRIP (mostly the stuff they were out of on the first trip).

_DSC4910 _DSC4911

2 packs smithfield bacon, 6 packs of hot dogs, 10 cans of peanuts, 8 quakers popped chips, 10 bags of skittles, 4 baby wipes, 3 finish dishwasher gel, 4 shave gel, 9 kleenexs, 5 rolls of paper towels. I got 61 items, I  spent $26.24. I saved $101.09 thats 83%.